Highland Pony 101 + Grooming and Care (REGISTRATION REQUIRED)

Highland Pony 101 + Grooming and Care (REGISTRATION REQUIRED)

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During this clinic, owner of Beacon Hills Highland Pony Stud will discuss the endangered status of the breed, where the Highland breed came from, equines general care, and take questions from the group. Then, in small groups, people can come up and learn how to groom a pony and safe handling skills. 

The Highland pony from Scotland is on the endangered species list as “critical”, in 2020 only 255 foals were born worldwide, documented through the national registry. I am currently working on a 2021 census for North America where we have roughly 100-115 animals on this continent. To put that in perspective there are roughly 12,000 African Elephants and only 3,500 of this breed left in the world. 

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