Love You Des Moines Days is an annual 9 day celebration for our community with 300+ free fun, meaningful, and exciting activities for all ages hosted by the Valley Community Center. The Valley Community Center is owned and operated by Valley Church as a gift to the community and is a hub for partnerships doing good for the community…with the community. These partnerships encourage community betterment throughout greater Des Moines in these four areas: compassion, relationships, service, and wellness. Each year, the Valley Community Center welcomes over 150,000 guests and continually works toward serving and cultivating relationships within the community. We seek to create good will through good works, to reach as many as possible in the Des Moines area.


During Love You Des Moines Days, Valley Community Center works with the community and partner organizations to provide a wide variety of workshops, activities, clinics, and social gatherings for our neighbors. From pickleball, to family splash bash, to cars & coffee, free bike repair, ice cream making, writing workshops, arts & crafts – there is something for everyone!


Join us June 10 to the 18, and beyond!

Map of Valley Community Center property.

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Overlay from video to play.
Adult and child working on crafts together
Group of 5 happy people.
Group 19 adults and children lined up in hairnets
Dancing in colorful outfits

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